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The founding of Schenker in Italy

From a representative office to a leading company in transport and logistics solutions with 37 branches and more than 1400 employees.

Schenker moved its first steps in Italy (Via Zuretti, Milano) in 1961, when Mr. Maurizio Scarantino, together with two co-workers, carried out his activity as Sales Representative of Schenker & Co., Frankfurt.

After two years, on January 17, 1963, Schenker Italiana was officially established as operational unit of the German group Schenker and three more employees joined the company. This team of six played a fundamental role during the first years of activity of Schenker Italiana, that for about 25 years had its Corporate Office in Viale Lancetti, Milano.

Schenker in Italy has always held a position of primary importance in the transportation sector, both in terms of turnover and amount of goods handled, achieving significant success in its own field of activity.

The first two mergers took place between 1993 and 1996 with Schenker & Co., Trieste and Mondial Medtrans respectively, while in 1997 the Corporate Office moved from Milano to Peschiera Borromeo (MI), where the Land Transport and Airfreight Divisions were already present with offices and warehouses.

In about ten years Schenker strengthened its presence on the Italian market by setting up four hubs specialized in Oceanfreight, Airfreight, Land Transport and Logistics.

After the legal merger of Società Trasporti Castelletti in the year 2000 and Zuffo & C. in 2001, both acknowledged companies on the Italian market, Schenker doubled the number of its branch offices in Italy and then, thanks to the integration of Bax Global, Railog and Hangartner activities between 2007 and 2011, completed its range of products and definitively consolidated its leading position as international freight forwarder.

DB Schenker nowadays covers in Italy 90% of the territory, counting on 37 branch offices, more than 170.000 sqm warehouses and 1.400 employees and is able to offer the entire range of national and international land transport services (road, rail and intermodal), air and oceanfreight, as well as state-of-the-art and customized logistics solutions.

As part of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) group, Schenker takes special care of the issues connected to the eco-system, identifying transport solutions that can reduce, control and, in some cases, cancel CO2 emissions.

Schenker Italiana owes its success to the commitment of men and women that with professional competence, perseverance and enthusiasm knew how to handle over the years industry's and markets' needs.