Customs Procedure in Italy

From January 1, 2021 the United Kingdom will no longer be part of the European Union, therefore it will be necessary to comply with customs formalities for each exchange of goods.
However, customs assistance to businesses is not new to our specialists.

Schenker Italiana has had AEO C/S authorization since 2011. This authorization certifies the high level of expertise and compliance in the field of customs and supply chain security.

Schenker has numerous authorizations and customs regulations in order to offer its customers important quality standards and wide operational possibilities.

The Italian branches can offer: 

  • approved import and export locations
  • customs warehouses
  • VAT deposits
  • excise tax warehouses
  • authorizations of consignor and authorized consignee transit
  • temporary custody authorizations

Through its Italian customs departments, which count about 60 employees, Schenker is able to operate at all major national customs offices in ports, airports, roads or railways to ensure full operation with any mode of transport your goods move.
Through its extensive network of approximately 2,100 offices worldwide, Schenker is able to offer customs assistance in virtually all countries with which you can do business with.

In addition to customs declarations, our specialists can offer you a wide range of services and specialist support, such as product classification, identification of the correct customs procedure, origin of goods, information and operational assistance for special requirements for the handling of specific goods, and regulatory updates.
We can perform on your behalf:

  • Final import and export
  • Temporary export
  • Transit operations
  • Temporary import for trade fair or sports events
  • Introductions in customs warehouse,
  • Introductions in VAT deposit
  • Inward and outward processing operations
  • Temporary admissions
  • ATA Carnet
  • TIR Carnet
  • Import and export operations of CITES products
  • Assistance for health clearance and veterinary or phytopathological requirements
  • Product declarations subject to excise duty

Our dedicated offices can also offer you specialized assistance for INTRASTAT declarations and for obtaining ministerial authorizations for the handling of particular types of goods (AGRIM/AGREX certificates for agri-food products, CITES permits, export authorizations for Dual Use products) or for obtaining documents such as Certificates of Origin, ATA Carnet, consular visas on documents for export.

In order to be always closer to your companies, whatever the size, we are able to develop dedicated and "tailor made" services such as the realization of control towers that follow and coordinate all your customs operations.

Following the recent IT developments we are also able to create data exchange connections with your companies in order to create a system integration that allows a secure connection, a rapid exchange of information and reporting and archiving of declarations.

For the execution of customs operations on your behalf, we will require you to provide us with a CUSTOMS REPRESENTATION MANDATE. This mandate will allow us to represent you to the customs authorities.  The form will be sent to you at the time of preparation of customs activities.

We are at your disposal to offer you our services and any information you need at the following contact: