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DB Schenker in Italy is eco-friendly.

Effective January 2017, DB Schenker in Italy will buy and use exclusively 100% recycled paper for its business needs.

The initiative is part of the company's commitment to a sustainable logistics for the environment, always looking for effective actions to reduce our CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Using recycled paper is a benefit to the environment and to our health: in fact, to produce 1.000 kg of plain paper about 15 trees, 440.000 liters of water and 7.600 KWh of electric energy are necessary, whereas to produce 1.000 kg of recycled paper there is no need of trees and just 1.800 liters of water and 2.700 KWh of electric energy are sufficient.

Schenker Italiana has already significantly reduced its paper consumption by introducing the use of digital systems for sending invoices and shipping documents. Switching to recycled paper will contribute to obtain the following additional advantages for the environment:

  •  -100% of timber (about 250 pine trees, 15 meters high)
  •  -83% of water (about 4,3 million liters)
  •  -72% of energy (about 763.000 KWh)
  •  -53% of CO2 emissions (about 63.150 kg of CO2)

DB Schenker takes seriously its environmental and social responsibility, supporting Deutsche Bahn's DB2020 project, being committed to become eco-pioneer and market leader for an eco-friendly logistics and saving energy and natural resources to protect the environment where we live.