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Transport solutions across Italy

Direct and on time throughout the nation, including islands. 

DB SCHENKERdirect domestic is the perfect transport solution for your part and full loads in Italy and on the islands.

Everything is easier, with DB Schenker you have a single point of contact for your international and domestic transport needs. Thanks to our consolidated experience in truck transportation and our experienced staff we are able to assist and support you to identify the best solution that fits your transportation requirements throughout the country, including the islands.

We rely on first-class and certified carriers to provide reliable direct and cost-effective transports.

DB SCHENKERdirect domestic transport service includes:

  • Part and Full loads free Italy - including islands
  • Express shipments (controlled temperature included)
  • ADR loads
  • Availability to manage GDO deliveries
  • Collections and deliveries by trucks equipped with hydraulic tailgate
  • Hauling and deliveries to the required floor
  • Loads Up to 30 Tons
  • Vehicles availability: Tractors, Boxed & Curtain Trailers 13.6 mt, Jumbo Trailers

The advantages of this service:

  • High-quality service
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Experienced and dedicated team

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