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Rail Terminal Management and Multimodal Transport Operator

A strategic position inside Quadrante Europa, Verona.

Hangartner Terminal S.r.l., a Schenker Italiana’s subsidiary, is located inside Quadrante Europa, Verona, at the heart of one of the most important European freight villages.

The premises cover an area of 230.000 square meters, including 32.500 sqm warehouse with indoor sidings and 15.000 sqm of controlled temperature warehouse able to receive both intermodal and conventional trains. Besides being specialized in conventional combined transport and multimodal ocean transport, Hangartner Terminal is managing intermodal terminals while offering all logistics and warehousing services.

The facility includes:

  • 5 conventional rail tracks (up to 550 meters), connected to warehouse
  • Internal Intermodal Terminal equipped with 3 tracks of 550 meters
  • 2 deep freezing tunnels (-41°C)
  • bonded warehouses
  • temporary storage
  • 4.100 sqm office area

Hangartner Terminal arranges and manages intermodal point-to-point trains, connecting Verona to the seaports and to major logistics centers. It operates as MTO also on behalf of DB Cargo taking care of the logistics organization inside terminals, the wagon rental and the train operation, thus meeting the customers demand.

The physical management, the information and organization of the flow of goods, from procurement (sources) to final customer, require a new managerial approach aimed at optimizing the entire logistics chain, without interruptions.

This is the integrated logistics approach where the concept “integrated” underlines that it is not sufficient to add traditional activities (order management, transport, storage, etc.). It is necessary to operate within the entire production flow (from raw material procurement to end use of the products).

In this way, the role of Hangartner Terminal as MTO represents a crucial link of the just-in-time system, required by an increasingly competitive market. The demand of goods mobility also at intercontinental level, is satisfied on one hand by the ability of using every means of transportation and on the other hand, by taking care of the entire management of customer's needs. Thus the company performances are aligned to those of distribution logistics.

Hangartner Terminal has progressively evolved into MTO thanks to the development of internal know-how and business competence as well as to the following structural and organizational capabilities:

  • advanced management
  • financial soundness
  • proper equipment for goods handling
  • proper equipment for storage of goods
  • organizational and commercial network at international level
  • IT networking

Rail service is aimed not only at all major rail operators such as ship-owners, freight forwarders and carriers but also at all those operators that usually run their business entirely by truck, using swap bodies.

Hangartner Terminal operates within DB Schenker network as a Railport authorized by DB Cargo making use of 32.500 sqm rail-connected warehouses, thus offering both single wagons and block-trains.

As part of its activity, it offers connections from Verona or other Italian sites to Northern Europe (Benelux, Sweden, Finland, Denmark), to Switzerland and to Germany. It also offers rail connections with China, Russia and other CSI countries.

The terminal includes 5 rail tracks for 5.100 meters, 3 of them are roofed inside the warehouse (up to 600 meters) allowing loading and unloading operations under any weather condition.

As Rail Forwarder, Hangartner Terminal is fully supported by the sister company DB Cargo and operates in cooperation with other primary rail companies.

Hangartner Terminal’s own personnel can handle every rail intermodal terminal that is daily connected with main Italian and foreign ports.

The intermodal services offered include handling of swap bodies, ocean freight ISO containers, combi-trailers and special trailers.

Other services available:

  • THC
  • first and last mile management
  • empty loading units handling
  • loading, unloading, storage of loading units for combined ocean-land freight
  • container weighing through SOLAS certified weighbridge
  • container repair
  • fumigations
  • container buying-selling
  • refrigerated containers handling and powering

As "A" Class Bonded warehouse, the company can introduce VAT suspended goods, secure customs clearance and perform various logistics processes.

In addition, Hangartner Terminal provides temporary storage services, VAT fiscal deposit even for products subject to excise, handling of Intrastat procedures.

Hangartner Terminal has obtained various health authorizations duly supported and verified  by Local Health Service (Veterinary Office) in compliance with EC requirements and obligations.

The services offered:

  • customs clearance at warehouse and online
  • international centre for goods receipt and marshalling yard
  • temporary storage
  • bonded warehouse
  • fiscal deposit for products subject to excise
  • Intrastat procedures
  • first class Customs branch office
  • Italian Finance Police branch office
  • Veterinary Office (for EC obligations and Import-Export Health Ministry)
  • Maritime Health Office

The company developed a specific know-how on warehouse technologies thanks to a professional team capable of meeting customers’ requirements with customized logistics solutions.

Hangartner Terminal has 32.500 sqm rail-connected and fenced warehouses completed by 28 ramps and equipped with traditional racking systems for the storage of various goods.

The controlled temperature warehouse can store, process and deliver every kind of perishable foodstuff, both fresh and frozen, to customer and suppliers.

The 84.378 cubic meters rail-connected warehouse includes 2 fast deep-freezing tunnels at -41°C (1.021 cubic meters each) besides various refrigerated rooms (from -30° to +4°C for 61.242 cubic meters).

The warehouse is equipped both with traditional and mobile racking systems allowing the instant traceability of every single package and batch.

Our experienced staff is managing at European level all required logistics services: acceptance of the goods, paperwork management, loading, unloading, storage, picking, processing and delivery.

All the area is under video-surveillance and all entrances are controlled in order to ensure the utmost care and safety of goods against any external interference.

Hangartner Terminal is certified BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution since 2015. The company implemented an organizational model and a management system on health and safety at work in compliance with BS-OHSAS 18001:2007 guidelines. Its Environmental Management System follows the international UNI EN ISO 14001 standard. Furthermore Hangartner Terminal has adopted a Management and Control Model in order to prevent crimes in compliance with the Legislative Decree 231/2001 governing the administrative liability of legal entities.

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