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Delivering happiness globally, around the clock, one rose at a time

After chocolates, flowers are the topmost sold gift during Valentine's Day. Have you ever thought what goes on in the background to bring you those bunch of roses? Read on to find more!

As 2020 sets in, February month brings the first big celebration for shoppers - the Valentine's Day. The 14th of February sets the gifting mood for consumers across the world. The gifts may range from a simple box of chocolates to extravagant getaways - but what's important is the experience. And how do you make this best happen? With timely execution.

After sweet edibles, flowers are the topmost sold item as a gift. Have you ever thought what goes on in the background to bring you those bunch of roses? Read on to find more!

Your flowers are from Africa 

Kenyan flowers are sold in more than 60 countries around the world. Lucky for buyers, DB Schenker (DBS) has well-established operation in Kenya since 1966. With the organization's strong local presence, flower exporters are assured of the smoothest, most cost-effective transportation, with the assurance of a well-maintained cold chain.

Over 95% of the exported cut flowers are transported by air, which makes securing air freight capacity a priority. With this in mind, DBS Kenya has Block Space Agreements with several leading airlines, ensuring capacity throughout the peak season, and especially over the busy Valentine and Mother's Day periods.

Accurate ground handling services

Europe is amongst the many regions that imports flowers from Kenya. The air transport routes between the two are served by several commercial airlines as well as charter companies. Because DBS Kenya is a RA3 accredited organization, they get the added advantage to deliver directly to the airlines' Ground Handling Agents (GHAs). The Kenya team, in conjunction with the GHAs, closely monitor all cargo-related service requirements between the time an aircraft arrives at a terminal gate and the time it departs on its next flight. Fast, efficient, and accurate ground handling services are vital for minimizing turnaround time.

100% Fresh – it's a promise!

DBS Kenya works with various cargo handlers in Europe that ensure that the Kenyan fresh grown flowers are handled with care during the final leg of the journey and enjoy the same attention through to final delivery. DB Schenker handles the import process (customs and phytosanitary requirements), cold storage, and delivery to the customer's doorstep. Optionally, additional logistical services are available, such as vacuum cooling, repackaging, splitting, or order picking. 

Due to different time zones and flight times, the organization in Kenya operates 24/7/365 to ensure that it keeps its customers updated in real-time of the status of their shipments. This also allows for immediate action to be taken in the event of any challenges that come their way on a day-to-day basis. Efficiency in the speed of delivery is of paramount importance for DBS, as are appropriate temperature control measures during transit.

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