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Global presence, local expertise

Since the implementation of new economic reform policies, Cambodia’s fast-growing economy led to the formation of many new business ventures that require world-class transportation and logistics services.  As such, DB Schenker first established presence in Cambodia in 2007 through a partnership with a local exclusive agent. 


To better capture and service the demands of this emerging economy, DB Schenker (Cambodia) Limited was formally registered in August 14, 2014.  The creation of DB Schenker (Cambodia) Limited further strengthens the global network and is an added stamp to DB Schenker’s commitment towards developing its transportation and logistics services in Cambodia.

The core services of DB Schenker in Cambodia include Air FreightOcean Freight, and Land Transportation.  The service portfolio is further enhanced by value-added or special services that are provided through DB Schenker’s vast global network.  The local team is composed of well-trained professionals with years of combined experience in the transportation and logistics industry and is supported by an international team of experts.


Over the years since it first established presence in Cambodia, DB Schenker has been the trusted partner of many global and local corporations operating in diverse industries with varying intensity of transportation and logistics demands.  It continues to be at the forefront of this emerging market and is committed to growing with its customers to ensure competitiveness in the global arena.