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    Sustainability in Land Transport

    Carbon offset your system freight

    Compensate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our shipping activities through certified carbon credits. Let us help you to fulfill your sustainability commitment. Book the econeutral option to neutralize the environmental impact of your orders. On request, you can can get a report detailing the number of tons of CO2 equivalents that are offset by atmosfair. The econeutral option will be offered for both international and national transport orders. All payments will be transferred by DB Schenker to emission reduction projects in developing countries operating under the UN's Clean Development Mechanism.

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    Here to help – just reach out

    Saran Limvorasak

    Head of Land Transport

    +66 65 5061308

    Econeutral: a tangible difference with each offset

    • By using our econeutral option we will certify your commitment to offset unavoidable emissions.

    • By choosing econeutral, you are not only helping reduce emissions but also fostering a project supporting sustainable agriculture and combating poverty.

    • Saving CO2 helps you reach your sustainability goals and solidify your internal and external stance on emission reduction.

    On a mission together to lower emissions on land

    DB Schenker works together with atmosfair, a European non-profit organization that actively contributes to CO2e mitigation by promoting, developing, and financing renewable energy in more than 15 countries worldwide. At the moment, 90% of atmosfair’s carbon offset projects comply with the CDM Gold Standard, the strictest standard available for climate protection projects. So by booking econeutral you currently support a project of growing mustard in the driest parts of India to generate electricity from biomass power plants and give thousands of small farmers an additional source of income.

    Harvesting mustard plants in India

    The project is located in the district of Tonk in the state of Rajasthan, which is India’s largest state. Rajasthan contains some of the driest regions of India, including the Thar desert. However, the local economy relies heavily on agriculture, animal husbandry, and textile production. Regional incomes are among the lowest in India, and small farmers barely produce enough to survive on. Droughts and crop failures are significant sources of stress. In the dry climate, the mustard crop is the most important crop.

    Biomass power plant in India burning mustard plants

    Our partner atmosfair and its Indian partner Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited (KPTL) built an 8MW biomass power plant that uses crop residues to produce electricity. The fuel is burned through direct incineration to produce water vapor in a steam boiler. The steam powers a turbine plus generator to produce electricity, which is fed into the regional grid. Although power generation through direct incineration allows the use of other available biomass residues to produce electricity, the mustard crop residues are the main energy source.

    Camels delivering crop residues of mustard plants in sacks

    Since 2007, thousands of small farmers have delivered crop residues to the power plant and sold what used to be worthless waste. Bags of crop residues are weighed at several collection points and farmers receive their pay immediately. The material is then transported to the power plant, where it is stored in a large silo to ensure a steady supply of feedstock to produce electricity all year long, even after the harvest season. The electricity generated in the plant is fed into the regional grid, where it replaces electricity from coal and gas-powered plants.

    Concrete steps in investing in sustainable modes of transport

    The road to net-zero has been laid out for us all. And just like us, you want to make a lasting contribution all along the way with actions that speak for themselves. We are committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint by offering products and solutions designed to make a beneficial difference for you and the planet we call home. That's why we have pledged to reduce our emissions by 20% by 2030 for all modes of transport (land, air and ocean). Even now, we're well on the way. Because the future of transport is fossil-free.

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