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DB Schenker a trustworthy 3LP partner or the story of unusual toys bringing billions

In the famous Bloomberg Billionaires Ranking, which includes 500 people from all over the world there are fewer than 20 Canadian names. In 2017 the list was added with two more. The newcomers were Ronnen Harary and Anton Rabie, the co-founders of Spin Master, the most successful toy manufacturer in Canada.

Spin Master was set up in 1994. The history of the company starts with the decision of two childhood friends to establish their own business specializing in toy manufacturing. The first product released by the firm was Earth Buddy, a nylon stocking-covered head of sawdust topped with grass seeds, which were supposed to germinate after watering and to imitate a funny hair-do as a result. The nascent entrepreneurs funded their first toy with their own $10,000 investment. Later the talented trio presented several other toys of nonstandard design, among them there were Bakugan transformers, Hatchimals (electronic toys in plastic eggs), remote-controlled Air Hogs models and, finally, Kinetic Sand.

There is no wonder that such a fast growing company started searching for a reliable 3LP provider, which could guarantee high –quality service to the customer. In the long run after a long period of logistics market monitoring Spin Master appointed DB Schenker to be its strategic partner.

Nowadays the companies work together successfully not only in Russia, but in Canada, Hungary, China, the USA and Australia as well.

The above-mentioned project gave way to setting up an additional multifunctional warehouse in Moscow Region with the total area of 2820 square meters and the storage capacity of 8000 pallets.