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About DB Schenker Lithuania

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DB Schenker Lithuania / UAB Schenker

Who we are?

DB Schenker is a well-known trademark worldwide. It is one of the biggest networks providing transport and logistics services - leaders in the market.

DB Schenker was born from the union of Deutsche Bahn-German rail and Schenker - a well-known land transport and freight forwarding company established in Austria in the 19th century. 

DB Schenker intelligently combines rich historical experience, state-of-art logistics technologies and management expertise in its activities.  The company is based on over a hundred years of experience accumulated through its founder's Gottfried Schenker's formula of success – ‘door to door from a single source’. The new strategies of DB Schenker are based on the utilization of the possibilities of established powerful global logistics network:

  • leading world rail freight and multi-modal transport potential, combined with integrated, flexibly and independently operating land, air and ocean transport;
  • abundance of innovative logistics solutions, established in high quality satisfactory products by DB Schenker;
  • creative and yet disciplined and responsible international specialist employees.

This is why DB Schenker builds the success of its clients in the most effective way, by offering the best and individually tailored logistics solutions to its clients. 

DB Schenker has 2.100 offices in 130 countries worldwide.

UAB Schenker is a DB Schenker branch in Lithuania, satisfying customer demands with quality and flexibility, offering integrated logistics services, based on certified DB Schenker products, continuing along the guidelines established in the first half of the 20th century in the Schenker agency in Lithuania, which has always been focused on the demands of the client, and enriching it with over twenty years of experience and the potential of high qualification specialists graduated in their respective fields.

UAB Schenker specialization is international and local land, rail, air and ocean transportation services, customs brokerage services, cargo warehousing in simple and customs warehouses, consolidation, labelling, distribution and delivery of shipments. 

UAB Schenker is geared towards big and middle-sized companies which aim to quickly and efficiently transport their goods by land, water or air using local and especially international routes, because in these cases the company uses all the potential provided by DB Schenker global network which includes 130 countries in the world.

Priority routes - Western and Eastern Europe, North America, Far East.

Priority cargo types - appliances, especially electronics, IT, automobile technology, medical technology and goods, gardening technology, fertilizers, furniture etc. We also store and transport hard, liquid and powdery packed non-food materials.

UAB Schenker (former UAB Scansped, which belonged to BTL Group, a leader in Scandinavian countries) was established in 1997 with head office in Vilnius and departments in Šiauliai and Klaipėda.

At this time there are over 60 employees. 80 percent of the employees have higher education diplomas. Company has its own qualification improvement system, employees can improve their qualification in seminars held outside the company. Those who wish can be given the opportunity to combine their studies at higher education institutions and work. The company is the centre of practical skills improvement training for teacher’s of transportation and logistics in higher education institutions.

UAB Schenker is a member of Lithuania's  forwarders association LINEKA, Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, and Customs Agents Association. LINEKA is a member of international forwarders association FIATA.

DB Schenker Lietuva motto: important things start with logistics, and logistics - with quality. 

UAB Schenker policy is geared towards the main aim of DB Schenker - to be the best. The company has clearly defined its strategical objectives and applies flexible activity tactics. The company's values - competence, innovativeness, orientation towards results, creation of success etc. - are established not only in the company's documents but are also internalized by the staff. The good practice is summarized in I. Dagytė's book Warriors of light in the international business organisation. V.: Petro ofsetas, 2011. Follow this link to know more about the book.

Briefly summarized. Why should Lithuanian or foreign companies choose the services of UAB Schenker, a subdivision of international logistics network DB Schenker?

  - because it is a member of a leading global network - 130 countries, 40 of which are European, 2.100 offices, 91.000 employees - which allows to increase the speed of service delivery and cargo safety. We provide quality services throughout the whole network, we use united forces to perform a task, and we guarantee a convenient way of pay;

  - it offers its clients flexible services using popular and certified products in Lithuania and around the world: DB Schenker system, DB Schenker direct, DB Schenker complete,  DB Schenker TOP, DB Schenker jetcargo economy etc.

We apply suitable Schenker products, work by strictly defined schedules, provide our clients with the possibility to track their shipments online etc.;

  - our 4PL services will quickly lead you to your commercial success and UAB Schenker’s geographical dislocation - an ice-free port in the North, high quality land roads and their dense network, comfortable airports, long distance rail routes, coordinated transport corridors in Lithuania - will also help to achieve it;

  - it guarantees high quality - our service quality index is 98.4 percent;

  - it will be a pleasure for you to collaborate with experienced and competent UAB Schenker team (80 percent of employees have higher education diplomas);

  - we are constantly growing and seek to make our client bigger – a client who understands the possibilities provided by the network, willing and able to buy quality services, and aiming to reduce the costs of logistics;

  - by using the possibilities of intermodal transport, we create added value for our clients, with businesses developed in Europe.