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eSchenker App

Mobile Shipment Tracking on the smartphone.

The Mobile Application of eSchenker allows you to track your shipments, receive notifications about tracking changes, read the latest news about DB Schenker and much more 
The application, developed specifically for the purpose, provides mobile access to shipment tracking information just like shipment tracking on the Internet. Customers can retrieve the status of shipments being moved by land transportation, air and ocean freight worldwide.
Aware that innovation, particularly in the field of information technology, has become a decisive factor in the marketplace, the company constantly invests in its global information systems, always standing for transparency, data security, user friendliness and easy availability of data.


DB Schenker App released in Jan. ‘16

  • Implementing basic services (Tracking, News, Notifications)
  • Features push notifications for tracking events (via NGeS)
  • Smartwatch support (Apple Watch and Google Wear)

With this application, DB Schenker is one of the first logistics service providers worldwide to offer customers from trade and industry such a mobile shipment tracking system.

The application is available free of charge in the App Store and can be downloaded from here:

eSchenker for iOS

eSchenker for Android