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DB Schenker Mexico – planting trees in Guadalajara

In July 2016, our colleagues from DB Schenker in Mexico decided to take one step to serve the environment and act against the climate change. Due to the construction of houses and buildings, many trees have been removed from the local forest, affecting CO2 emissions. So it was decided to join a reforesting initiative to reducing somewhat the negative impact that the Earth is having.

In one day, approximately 10 volunteers from different departments at DB Schenker Guadalajara joined, and some also brought their families and kids to help. In the end, 150 Trees were planted on the “Bosque de la Primavera” in Guadalajara City. With this project, we could support to improve the situation for all the species that live in the forest as well as the citizens of Guadalajara City that benefit from this rebuilt green space.

What is most important, our team was excited of being part of this initiative, many great memories will remain with everyone as well as the awareness of the need to save the environment. Everyone is motivated to continue such initiatives.

Testimonials speak for themselves:

“…my kids still ask me how the trees are that we planted, and this is the interesting part that we will keep, the number of trees we planted is not the most important, but what really counts is to make it possible that those trees which we planted will be able to grow.”

“It was great to learn the right way how to plant a tree, and also my family recognized that our support serves to save the environment…”

“…To involve my kids is very important to me, it helped to create awareness in a fun way. I hope we can follow up on the caretaking of the little trees.”

“I personally liked the activity to plant trees because this is a way to contribute to our environment. I brought my nephews with me who learned to care for the planet and be aware already from young age on to do so. I also believe that this type of activity helps to get connected among colleagues, so it is a very good approach from DB Schenker.