DB Schenker Warehouse Truck parking

186 containers against Coronavirus: DB Schenker supplies protective equipment for Lombardy

1300 tons of medical overalls and glasses for the health care system • Complete supply chain service from one single source • Transport by train, ship and truck from China to Northern Italy in just 15 days

Global logistics service provider DB Schenker supports the people of northern Italy in containing the coronavirus and delivering a total of 186 containers with medical protective equipment from China to healthcare facilities in the badly affected Lombardy region. The delivery includes protective overalls and glasses and will be transported by train in the upcoming weeks. Twenty containers arrived this Thursday at the Hangartner Terminal of DB Schenker in Verona.

“It is a difficult time for everyone, but we have managed to continue providing uninterrupted services to our customers. This has been possible only thanks to the commitment of our coworkers and the solidity of our network”, says Federico Girgenti, CEO of DB Schenker in Italy.

In total, the supply includes more than 1300 tons of protective overalls and goggles from various manufacturers in Shanghai and Hubei for hospitals in the Lombardy region. DB Schenker picks them up by truck at the production sites. At the container terminal in Xi'an, the freight is loaded onto the China train, which DB Schenker and DB Cargo operate in close cooperation as the Trans-Eurasian land bridge. After only twelve days and a journey of more than 10,000 kilometers via Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, the train reaches Kaliningrad. From there, the containers are transported by ship to Rostock, from where they are again taken by train to DB Schenker's intermodal terminal in Verona. In total, DB Schenker was able to reduce the transit time to just 15 days.

After customs clearance, the containers are finally distributed to health facilities in Milan, Bergamo and Brescia, among others, by truck in DB Schenker's full-load service. This means that the complete door-to-door delivery, including packaging, customs clearance and documentation for the customer, is provided from a single source. The first seven containers already left Xi'an on 15 April.