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Healthcare Logistics Solutions

Developed, managed and implemented by DB SCHENKER | life+

The healthcare industry has been significantly affected by COVID-19, and the impact of the pandemic has been profound. Today, life science companies are struggling to manage and match ever-increasing demand to unpredictable supply. As a result, many of these companies can only be reactive to ever-changing market conditions, with unplanned allocations causing significant disruptions across their supply chains. Simultaneously, managing these supply chains and transporting these critical shipments has never been more important. That’s why we’ve introduced DB SCHENKER | life+, logistics solutions for the healthcare industry designed and customized exactly for your requirements. 

Delivered with Care

In the healthcare industry, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. And whether you're shipping medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or biopharmaceuticals, such as vaccines, we know your customers depend on timely delivery of your healthcare and pharmaceutical products. We know your patients place trust in you to deliver for them. With DB SCHENKER | life+, you can count on us to deliver for you – especially now. 

Our full suite of transportation and logistics services, extensive global network, strict adherence to local and international compliance, and superior end-to-end visibility enables our clients’ supply chains with agility, control, and speed to market. Our more than 76,100 DB Schenker employees worldwide, are working relentlessly around the clock to ensure your precious and often life-saving shipments get to where they need to be – securely, at the right temperature, and on time. From biopharmaceuticals to medical devices, from PPE to blood plasma, DB SCHENKER | life+ delivers reliability for customers across the industry, including Biopharma, Pharmaceuticals, Animal Health, MedTech, and Consumer Health & Nutrition. Have peace of mind knowing we have been delivering reliable solutions for our life science customers globally for decades.

Veronique Dameme, Head of Global Vertical Market Healthcare says, “With DB SCHENKER | life+, our proven processes for the healthcare and pharma industry will ensure your logistics and supply chain initiatives are a success.”

With experienced professionals, sophisticated processes, and world-class infrastructure, it is our ambition and commitment to continue to ensure our clients’ supply chains and businesses both succeed and thrive. Here’s what we can do for you as your healthcare logistics partner.

People are the key to any dependable logistic execution which ensures product integrity from end-to-end with patient safety and well-being in the center. Our professional teams are second-to-none offering the life science industry:

  • Experienced Subject Matter Experts in healthcare logistics. Our SME’s have professional training with an in-depth knowledge of the processes, services, and technology to consult, plan, and execute on your supply chain needs. They will be your trusted advisors with the capacity to share their knowledge with you as extended members of your team.
  • Dedicated Account Managers to serve as the point-of-contact between our company and yours. Essentially, they are the advocates for our customers and act as your voice within the team working on your business. They’ll learn to know your business inside and out. 
  • Connect2track and DB SCHENKERlife+ Customer Service Personnel for your critical shipments. Our easy-to-use tracking tool that provides real-time information about the location and status of your shipment. From tracking and scheduling to booking and reporting, DB Schenker takes care of your shipments.
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance Teams maintain the standards from global to local and ensure the integrity of each and every shipment from end-to-end. 

As supply chains become more sophisticated and the healthcare industry more regulated, processes become an ever more crucial component of logistics. Our proven methods for the healthcare industry ensure your supply chain initiatives are a success. These processes include:

  • GDP Standardized Certified Network to ensure healthcare products are consistently transported and delivered in compliance with the certification program based on EU GDP Guidelines of 5 November 2013 on Good Distribution Practice of medicinal products for human use (2013/C 343/01) and WHO Guidelines (WHO Technical Report series N°957, 2010, Annex 5).
  • Subcontractor Management ensures that no matter who the subcontractor is, we have specific SLA’s which meet all performance indicators for healthcare and pharma shipments. These include temperature deviation metrics, transit time data logger’s acceptance and more.
  • Healthcare Standard Operating Procedures include specific and standard lane SOP’s that include main routing as well as contingency plans and backup routing options.
  • 24/7 Monitoring for Healthcare and Pharma Shipments gives you peace of mind for critical shipments, such as biopharma products. Through combining our 24/7 Customer Service Personnel with connect2track, we can proactively intervene for any deviation in the shipping process from a route change to security breach or a temperature deviation that could jeopardize the integrity of the product being shipped. This is particularly relevant today when shipping vaccines.

Our innovations in this area help companies that have yet to adopt digital technology and infrastructure in their supply chain. We can support you with your transformation in several ways, including:

  • Web-Based Capabilities, Network Management, and Lane Risk Assessment to ensure meeting regulations for transporting healthcare and pharmaceutical products. Our online data sharing platform collects, maintains, and shares all relevant information from providing direct access to subcontractor capabilities, reviewing and approving internal locations and subcontractors, as well as a lane risk assessment to measure, mitigate and minimize any risk.
  • Dedicated Healthcare Temperature Controlled Facilities at major airports locations for cross-docking of shipments and products that need to maintain specific in-transit and preservation temperatures. This includes pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and animal health shipments.
  • Connect2track End-to-End Visibility offers IoT-based solutions that can help healthcare and pharma manufacturers remotely monitor their shipments and take data-driven decisions to optimize their packaging change routing or implement a preventive action following a deviation.

Our Solutions for Your Industry Segments

  • Biopharma
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Animal Health
  • MedTech
  • Consumer Health & Nutrition

Upgrade with AirTrack - Our Eyes and Ears for Your Shipments

Do you need additional transparency of your sensitive shipments?
Our air freight tracking solution, AirTrack, gives you peace of mind through telemetric monitoring of your shipments – whether GPS location, temperature, humidity, light exposure, tilt or shock. Whether it is throughout the entire supply chain or at selective point, AirTrack is tailor-made to your needs. Reach out to your DB Schenker Account Manager or our DB Schenker AirTrack Experts with your tracking requirements.

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