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Fish swimming through corals
Sea turtle underwater
Whale jumping out of the ocean

DB Schenker moves for Ocean Conservancy

In the course of our exciting company challenge we will donate all kilometers accumulated during the second quarter of the year to the charitable organization Ocean Conservancy

Ocean Conservancy logo

We support Ocean Conservancy’s work toward a clean, healthy ocean, including efforts to: ensure the ocean is free of trash and pollution; protect fragile ecosystems like the Arctic and Florida; advance sustainable climate solutions and prevent the worst impacts from affecting coastal communities and ecosystems; and reduce overfishing while preserving fish populations.

Program: Trash Free Seas®

Ocean trash affects the health of wildlife, people and local economies. Trash in the water and on the shore can be mistaken as food by wildlife or entangle animals with lethal consequences. An estimated 11+ million metric tons of plastics are entering our ocean every year. 

Underwater image with black and striped fish.

The Trash Free Seas® program has: 

Cleaned up more than 348 million pounds of trash through the International Coastal Cleanup®— the world’s largest volunteer effort on behalf of ocean health.

Trash Free Seas® program | Ocean Conservancy

Program: Confronting Climate Change

The ocean has absorbed more than 90% of the heat from human-caused global warming and about one-third of carbon emissions. A range of climate impacts—including ocean acidification, sea-level rise, and stronger, more frequent hurricanes—are damaging coastal industries and communities. Ocean Conservancy is working toward a range of sustainable climate measures like efforts to reduce emissions from shipping and ports and scale up well-sited offshore renewable energy.

Sunset above the ocean

Since 1993, the rate of ocean warming has doubled.

Confronting Climate Change | Ocean Conservancy

About Ocean Conservancy

Originally founded in 1972, Ocean Conservancy is working to protect the ocean from today’s greatest global challenges. Together with their partners, they create science-based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it. Ocean Conservancy educates and empowers citizens to take action on behalf of the ocean. From the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico to the halls of Congress, Ocean Conservancy brings people together to find solutions for our water planet. Informed by science, their work guides policy and engages people in protecting the ocean and its wildlife for future generations.

Man looking at his fitness armband in front of a DB Schenker truck

Leading The Way Challenge

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We move for a humanitarian cause in Q4

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We move for atmosfair

Close-Up of tending for young seedlings.

We move for WeForest