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Get safely through Brexit with us

The Brexit deadline has been moved to 31 January 2020. After the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, DB Schenker will naturally continue to provide you with our reliable transport services to and from the United Kingdom. We will offer you the best transport solutions and alternative routes where possible within our extensive European network. We also have in-house customs experts to deal with all the necessary administrative formalities for you. We would like to draw your attention to the necessary administrative preparations.

Optimally Prepared

Political decisions concerning Brexit shall affect transport, customs, and administrative activities for deliveries to and from the United Kingdom. For example, lead times may change. Brexit also brings new administrative formalities. We have listed some important points of attention and advice for you. You can find a complete and current overview and practical tips on (in Dutch).

  • EORI Number and Licences
    Apply on time for an Article 23 (VAT deferment licence for import) and an EORI number. You can arrange for this at the Tax Authorities (in Dutch). Also consider export declarations and excises.
  • Transitional Simplified Procedure (TSP)
    We advise you to encourage your recipients in the UK to obtain TSP certification. TSP-certified recipients are allowed to clear their own shipments. The shipments do not have to be cleared in a separate depot in the UK. As a result, the shipments can be delivered to the addressees more quickly. TSP registrations can be done via
  • HS Code of your Products
    Customs uses a Harmonised System with commodity codes (HS) to classify products. With this code in your declaration, customs knows which products you are exporting or importing and how much they must charge for import rights and other import taxes. The HS code must consist of at least eight numbers that can be looked up via the Chamber of Commerce (in Dutch).
  • Incoterms
    We advise you to discuss your delivery terms and conditions with your recipients in the United Kingdom, especially the matter of who is responsible for which rights, obligations, and costs.
    The Incoterms indicate how far the liability of buyer and seller reaches. Given the update of the Incoterms applicable from 2020, it is wise to check these. More information is available at
  • Pallet Shipments
    Be mindful of which pallets you use to ship your goods. In the UK, pallets must be ISPM15 certified. This concerns the treatment the wood has undergone.

Well prepared for Brexit