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Chinese customs - New data requirements since 01. June 2018

Dear customers,

This note serves to update you on the present situation in China, for airfreight import shipments.

Due to the new regulation respectively, the implementation within a rather short period of advance notification, the backlog at the import terminals or bonded warehouses in China has reached now approx. 3 days delay. We are working diligently with the authorities, carriers and handling companies to expedite your shipments, so that delays are being avoided respectively being kept to the bare minimum.

Please do help us to serve you better by providing all information as required. As a reminder, please find below a list of data elements which are demanded by the Chinese customs authorities:

  • Shipper Contact Telephone Number
  • Shipper Specific Contact Name / Person in charge of the shipments
  • Shipper unique Enterprise Registration Code or - for example – the VAT ID for European shippers
  • Consignee Contact Telephone Number
  • Consignee Specific Contact Name
  • Consignee Enterprise Registration Code or Unified Social Credit Code

 Complete and accurate brief description of goods. For example, a description as “Spare parts” is not sufficient. “Automotive Parts” would be acceptable.

In case shipment is notified to a third party:

  • Notifier Contact Number
  • Notifier Specific Contact Name
  • Notifier Registration Code or Unified Social Credit Code

Failure to comply with these new regulations could result in delays in import clearance in China. Shipments will be stopped by Chinese customs until proper information is transmitted.

You will be interested to know that the requirement for additional information is applicable for export shipments from China to your country as well.
If you require any additional information, please contact your customer service center.