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Direct representation

Schenker Logistics Nederland B.V. formally files the returns for the customs forwarders, agents, importers or exporters it represents.

In these cases, Schenker Logistics Nederland provides administrative services and cannot be held fiscally responsible after the return has been filed. The customs forwarder or agent is responsible and can be held liable under Dutch forwarding conditions.

Power of attorney required at Schenker Logistics Nederland B.V.

All customers must issue a power of attorney for direct import and export representation. The power needs only be issued once to apply for all imports and exports. The power can also be issued with retroactive effect.

You can download a model power of attorney below and complete it online so that you can print it out, sign it and send it to us. The Dutch government requires the power of attorney to be signed by a legal person. 

To satisfy this condition, please enclose an extract from the Chamber of Commerce with the power of attorney. The extract may not be older than one month.

Authorization direct representation (PDF | 0,09 MB)

Complete data for your customs clearance

As your customs representative, we ensure that your customs clearance for import and/or export will be offered to the Belastingdienst (tax authorities) on time, complete and correctly filled.

In order to strengthen the enforcement and to serve companies better, the Dutch Customs Administration requires an improvement of the quality of declarations for customs clearance.

Hereby we offer you a list of the data needed in order to ensure a correct declaration:

  • Your EORI number and VAT registration
  • The desired customs clearance (temporary or permanent import – export)
  • The delivery terms
  • The number and type of packaging and the gross weight
  • An enclosed correct and clear description of your product including the commodity code(s) (in case of different Product TARIC codes, you should pass per product TARIC code the gross weight, the number of units (collo), the value and  the origin)
  • The origin of the goods
  • Other relevant information such as known trade restrictions, certificates etc.

Please include this information on your invoice.

By providing us this information as complete as possible and on time, we can prepare the customs clearance and thus avoid delay in the transport.

Tax authorities