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Information concerning damage or manco

If damage/manco has occurred, this is how you should proceed:

If there are damages or goods are missing upon delivery, a remark of this must be written on the receipt.

The driver or another representative of Schenker AS must certify the remark.

If the damages are found after the packaging has been removed, Schenker must be informed, in writing, immediately and without delay.

Fill out the form Damage description form and send it to no.claims@dbschenker.com

Attach the following documentation:

  • Receivers copy of the receipt of delivery where the damage is noted.
  • Pictures documenting the extent of the damages.

Damages that are not classified as total damage, will be reimbursed according to damage rate, reduced price or repair costs.

Damaged cargo must always be kept until the claim is settled.

If there are any questions, please contact us on telephone

0047 2272 7400.

Take immediate contact with our Customer Service, kundesenter@dbschenker.com for tracking and locating of cargo.

All claims must be submitted in writing and must contain a specified amount. This should be sent to the following address:

Schenker AS

Postboks 292 Alnabru

0614 OSLO


Or via e-mail to:


Always attach a copy of the commercial invoice as documentation for the claimed amount.

In addition, shipment number, waybill number or Schenkers STT number must be given in order for us to link the claim to the correct shipment.

According to national legislation, VAT is not reimbursed for companies or self-employed personnel.

The transporters liability in case of damage/manco is limited according to applicable laws and regulations:

Domestic Road/rail:                 SDR 17,- per kg of gross weight

Domestic Sea transport:          SDR   2,- per kg of gross weight /

                                                SDR 667,- per colli

International road:                    SDR 8,33 per kg of gross weight  

All transport are regulated according to Lov om Vegfraktavtaler, CMR, Haag-Visby and Warsaw convention. Other assignments are regulated within NSAB 2015 except §27c Storage.

General liability

Cargo is accepted for transport according to the, at any time, applicable laws and freight rates.

Cargo insurance

The transport buyer can protect themselves against normal transport risks by purchasing cargo insurance. Schenker AS has the possibility to provide such cargo insurance, but only for single shipments.

Contact your nearest Schenker AS booking department for more extensive information.