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Schenker Norway

In Norway, the story of Schenker started in 1916 when Einar Sundby established his shipping business in what was then called Kristiania (Oslo). This company was acquired in 1992 by the German Schenker and was eventually named Schenker Norway AS.​​​​​​​

The other big part of the current international Schenker is the Swedish Bilspedition, which was eventually named Autotransitt in Norway, founded in 1929 and the Swedish Skandiatransport established in 1941.

These two companies merged in 1989 and were named Scansped Norway AS. It was one of the largest haulage companies in Scandinavia. After a while several other companies also merged into the company i.e. Polargods in 1990.

In 1998 the Swedish Bilspedition was acquired by the German company Schenker and the following year merged with Schenker under the name Schenker-BTL - a name that was changed shortly after to Schenker AS. With Bilspedition / Scanspeds forces in the north and Schenkers strength in the rest of Europe and in the world as a whole, this was a successful merge. After the acquisition of BAX in 2005 Schenker is today nr.1 in land transport in Europe, 2nd in Air Freight worldwide and 3rd in Ocean Freight worldwide.

In 1998 Bilspedition bought themselves into Linjegods and in 2005 Schenker bought the rest of Linjegods. These merged into one company called Schenker AS from the 1.January 2007.