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A good supply chain is dependent on sufficient information flow.
DB Schenker has developed several information services that
support the flow of goods and ensure efficient logistics.

EDI has simplified the handling of freight information. DB Schenker
began to use EDI from an early stage, and have effective solutions
based on EDIFACT.

Waybill Information (IFTMIN)                                          

(PDF | 0,40 MB)

Waybill Information (IFTMIN) – Valid from January 2023

(PDF | 0,54 MB)

Waybill Receipt (IFTMCS)

(PDF | 0,33 MB)

Transportation Status (IFTSTA)

(PDF | 0,36 MB)

Invoice - (INVOIC)

(PDF | 0,48 MB)

Contact DB Schenker for specifications of the various messages.


Current demands for short lead times and transport quality are extremely high. So is the need for correct transport information and labeling.

TA-system – Transport Administration system

By using a TA-system the possibility of making errors are reduced, you also get all information about your shipments at one site. You obtain full overview of shipments, history, tracking and much more in a single system.

Different providers of TA-systems

There are many providers of TA-systems on the market and most of them can be used for DB Schenker. If you have doubts whether your system can be used against DB Schenker, please contact us and we'll help you.

DB Schenker's TA-system is called Web-TA. You can order it through our website or by contacting our responsible salesman.

Some providers that have full support for DB Schenker
(domestic and export)

Edi-Soft (Consignor)

Some providers that have support only for DB Schenker



DB Schenker's own TA-system is called Web-TA
For more information about Web-TA, see the link in the menue. If you use any of the systems mentioned above and would like to use this towards DB Schenker, system contact your provider to get DB Schenker implemented as your transporter.

You can also access our e-Services on your tablet or smart phone.

With our iPhone or Android apps, you can:

Follow your national or international shipments for land-, sea- or airfreight 
Shipments are searchable through the following criterea:
• Shipment number
• Colli ID
• Parcel ID
• STT codes
• AWB number
• B / L number

Scan a qr-tag and download the app to your smart phone or tablet

For iOs / Apple:
For Android: