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Customs Service

We have all the necessary permissions for border crossing and clearance

From January 2017 the import VAT will not be charged towards the importer at the time the import customs clearance is done. The VAT has to be calculated by the importer and reported to Skatteetaten (Internal Revenue Service). Schenker will deliver a VAT-report as an addition to the customs clearance. For more details read here.

In order to perform customs services you need to have the necessary authorisations from Norwegian Customs and Excise.

Schenker AS has all the necessary authorisations which the industry requires for border crossing and custom clearance. Custom clearances are conducted in TVINN (The Norwegian Customs and Excise information system with the industry). The transit operations are being done in NCTS (New Computerised Transit System).

In order to store goods which are not customs cleared you need a authorisations for storing bonded shipments. Schenker AS has all these permits for their terminals.

We can offer our customs clearance services alone or as part of an import or export shipment.

In addition to the customs clearance in Norway the goods must also be custom cleared in or out of the country depending on the residence of the foreign customers. Our partners abroad have this offer. Equal to customs clearance in Norway the customs clearance abroad is also based on the commercial invoice.

If you need any assistance to our customs services, contact your nearest Schenker office!

Further information:  Trade Manager Customs Iren Hofseth

Useful invoice templates:

Proforma Invoice (DOC | 0.16 MB)

Sales Invoice        (DOC | 0.18 MB)

VAT for import 2017 (PDF | 0.13 MB)