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DB Schenker Warehouse Truck parking

DB Schenker invests in autonomous mobile robotics pioneer Gideon Brothers

31 million USD Series A round to accelerate development of AI & 3D vision-based solutions • Xavier Garijo joins Board of Directors • Securing access to best-in-class intelligent material handling solutions for DB Schenker’s customers

DB Schenker and Gideon Brothers today announced an investment by the global leading logistics service provider into the Croatian robotics and AI solutions company. DB Schenker joins a 31 million USD Series A investment to accelerate the development and commercialization of its AI & 3D vision-based autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The technology has already been implemented in DB Schenker’s warehouse in Leipzig, Germany. Xavier Garijo will become a member in Gideon Brothers’ Board of Directors.

"This investment in the development of autonomous mobile robots once again proves DB Schenker’s ambition to be the frontrunner in innovation,” says Xavier Garijo, Member of the Board of Management for Contract Logistics, DB Schenker. “Our partnership with Gideon Brothers secures our access to best-in-class robotics and intelligent material handling solutions to serve our customers in the most efficient way. Our collaboration to date with Gideon Brothers has demonstrated real use cases in inbound and outbound processes within the warehouse environment. We also see wider applications and are excited at what this technology affords us in creating the ‘Warehouse of the Future’ for our customers. Together with Gideon Brothers we aim to challenge what we already have in practice at DB Schenker and revolutionize logistics business models,” added Xavier Garijo.

A men and a mobile roboter in a warehouse Photo Credit: Gideon Brothers

Matija Kopić, CEO of Gideon Brothers, said: "The pandemic has greatly accelerated the adoption of smart automation, and we are ready to meet the unprecedented market demand. The best way to do it is by marrying our proprietary solutions with the largest, most demanding customers out there. Our strategic partners have real challenges that our robots are already solving, and, with us, they’re seizing the incredible opportunity right now to effect robotic-powered change to some of the world’s most innovative organizations."

Gideon Brothers specializes in the flexible automation of horizontal and vertical material handling processes for logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and retail businesses. With its advanced mobile robots and complete software solutions for autonomous indoor and outdoor operations, the company helps businesses solve their most complex supply chain challenges: rising customer expectations, increased product variability and logistics volumes, growing variety of distribution channels, and ultimately, labor shortage.

AMRs make processes and workflows more efficient and productive. This is typically achieved by performing non-value-added tasks, such as transporting, picking up, and dropping off products, in order to free up colleagues to perform other tasks that add value to the operation. DB Schenker has already introduced autonomous robots from Gideon Brothers at its location in Leipzig in Germany, thus relying on the flexible solution in existing warehouses where productivity can be gained without the need to modify facilities.

According to a recent research conducted by ABI Research the global mobile robotics market is expected to grow to 158.6 billion USD by 2030. There will be over 15 million autonomous mobile robots in the world by then, and some type of Visual Perception will power 90 percent of those machines.

The Series A round was led by Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT), the venture and growth arm of Koch Industries, Inc.. Gideon Brothers will expand its Board of Directors with two seasoned industry leaders: Annant Patel, Director, KDT, and Xavier Garijo, Member of the Board of Management for Contract Logistics, DB Schenker.

About Gideon Brothers
The Croatian robotics and AI solutions company, founded in 2017 and currently counting more than 90 employees, specializes in the automation of horizontal and vertical material handling processes for logistics, manufacturing, and retail businesses. With its advanced AI & 3D vision autonomous mobile robots and complete software solutions, Gideon Brothers represent an entirely new generation of technology for self-driving robotic vehicles. Vehicles using Gideon Brothers' technology can automate complex workflows that, until now, have been considered impossible to automate efficiently. Although in its early stage, the company is already building solutions for some of the world's leading, most demanding customers. Gideon Brothers has been awarded as a Top Innovator in the recent ABI Research Competitive Ranking for Industrial Robotics for Material Handling.

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