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Enabling Functions

Are you a business enabler and partner? A gamechanger, ready to step up, with new ideas never seen before? Someone ready to look at our business from a unique perspective and offer insights that gets everyone going? 

This is exactly what our different teams like Sales & Key Accounts, IT, Finance and Controlling, People & Organization, Legal and many more do. They enable our business activities, its people, and its customers to increase productivity and efficiency in the way that we deliver logistics.

We are all about working together and achieving our goals together. That’s why our enabling teams act as customer-centric business partners and support our internal customers to achieve their goals across the globe.

Does this sound like a good fit for you?  Then we invite you to take a look at our open positions.

Enabling Functions

DB Schenker Culture Team

Our Values

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"De acuerdo con lo dispuesto en el Decreto Legislativo N°1372 y en el Decreto Supremo N°003-2019-EF SCHENKER PERU S.R.L. ha cumplido con los mecanismos razonables para identificar al beneficiario final. Como resultado de ello, SCHENKER PERU S.R.L. ha concluido que no cuenta con Beneficiario Final por Propiedad ni por Control.
En dicho sentido, de conformidad con el inciso c) del párrafo 4.1. del Decreto Legislativo 1372 y el inciso c) del párrafo 4.1, del articulo 4 del Reglamento, hemos considerado como beneficiario final a la persona natural que ocupa el puesto administrativo superior de la Compañía, es decir, a su Gerente General.
Sobre la base de lo expuesto y en estricto cumplimiento del párrafo 7.3 del articulo 7 del Decreto Supremo N°003-2019-EF, publicamos este comunicado en nuestro portal web."

Final Beneficiary of the company