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A person sitting at a desk and manually soldering a motherboard.

Electronics Fulfillment +

Taking advantage of our rich expertise on operations management in the transportation and warehouse environment, we strive for amplifying our values and contributing to optimize your brand’s footprint: 

  • Retain your product’s life and value: Our reverse logistics and technical repair services can be performed in your market contributing to Circular Economy realization
  • Reduce implementation timelines with our pre-defined automation solutions 
  • Take advantage of our efficient Operations Management together with our Finished Goods Fulfilment to optimize cost benefits 
  • Improve and partner with our experienced teams, that reside in your local market and have the ability to take actions for improvement 
  • Foster the circular economy, get services along your customers’ lifecycle and hence: let us take care of your products within and beyond warranty 

8,000,000 square meters

A look inside Global Contract Logistics

60 countries
725 sites
Cisco Human robot digitized warehouse

Inventing the digitized warehouse

Two roboters and a worker

DB Schenker invests in robotics pioneer


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