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Business Excellence

Efficiency Management

Good is never good enough for us

Our goal is to always offer you excellent services. That’s why we scrutinize every process and are always on the lookout for ways to optimize both our own internal processes and those involving our customers.

We are one of the world’s leading logistics services providers, but that’s not enough to keep us satisfied. We increase the profitability and quality of our services through a variety of efficiency management programs – after all, continual improvements are an integral part of our corporate culture. We welcome it when you, as our customer, actively contribute to the improvement process by sharing your expectations, requirements and experiences. We work together with you to ensure that all relevant operations are optimized.

Current processes, procedures and standards and workflow management as a whole are repeatedly analyzed in our efficiency management system. A network of “ambassadors” lets us reach and involve employees on a broad scale. In addition to our internal recommendation system, we also hold workshops to study potential for improvement – both with our employees as well as with our customers.

We use proven and effective methods, which are recognized and have been tested around the world. We implemented 5S and POP (Permanent Optimization Program) back in 1998 to solve problems together with the employees involved and to eliminate processes that do not add value. Six Sigma improves quality and process efficiency and is consistently geared toward customers and the operating result. A new phase, sustainability, has been added to the program to cement improvements in the company.