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800 swap bodies for DB Schenker’s national network

DB Schenker is upgrading its national network by introducing swap bodies  
The new solution ensures a better use of vehicles and a safer transportation of goods 

DB Schenker is replacing traditional trailers with swap bodies (also known as BDF) for connections between freight terminals in its Polish logistics network. Ultimately, there will be 800 of such interchangeable units.

“In the dynamically evolving environment, we strive to take actions which will ensure that we meet the ever-growing expectations of our customers. We are consistently building a lean culture to eliminate wastefulness. Investing in swap bodies is an important step towards further improvement of our network. The overall goal is to increase performance and raise operational quality”, says Marek Skowroński, Vice President Land Transport Cluster North East Europe at DB Schenker.

To date, nearly 200 swap bodies have been introduced into DB Schenker’s national network. In addition, the operator has signed a contract for the purchase of terminal tractors, which are essential for the new process to be fully functional at each facility. Deliveries have been gradually taking place since October 2018.

The new units will enable better use of the fleet and reduction of potential damages because of the double-deck system. Swap bodies also allow for a bigger filling with goods, which, in turn, is associated with smaller number of vehicles on the roads and lower emissions. For customers, this means higher quality of service and smaller carbon footprint.