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Chat with Betty from DB Schenker in Poland

New, innovative communication channel. The Artificial Intelligence supports the Customer Service Centre in the domestic and international land transport

Poland is another country where DB Schenker introduced communication using a chatbot. Betty has already operated in France and in Sweden where it handles up to 50% of inquiries. The logistic operator plans to implement the chatbot functionality in all countries in Europe.

The virtual assistant is able to provide answers to questions concerning the shipment status and delivery confirmation in Polish or English 24 hours a day. It is also able to redirect the inquiry to a consultant if it requires an in-depth analysis. Customers may access the chatbot from the home page at The application does not require any logging in.

Betty keeps learning all the time from the conversations and she is also ensured ongoing training. Bot creators have been working to add new functionalities.

The chatbot platform based on IBM Watson was developed in the Global Automation Competence Center in Schenker Technology Center Warsaw.

Chatbots facilitate customer service in the dynamically developing digital world. This technology will accelerate the response to easier questions, minimizing the response time. By the way, it will give the customer service employees more time to handle more complex issues. An interesting fact is that the wife of Gottfried Schenker, the founder of the company, was named Betty.