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DB Schenker connects Poland and Turkey via intermodal

DB Schenker connects Poland with Turkey using an intermodal connection, which runs 45’ PW HC equipment between two of the largest European logistics platforms: the Container Terminal Łódź in Poland and Halkali terminal located in European side of Istanbul, Turkey.

With a comprehensive end-to-end management, including the provision of equipment and customs clearance at the discretion of DB Schenker an intermodal connection will provide new and existing customers the benefits of a fast, reliable and eco-friendly rail service.

DB Schenker Multimodal and Dedicated Solutions specializes in combining rail, road and short sea throughout Europe and Eurasia. Through their integrated organization, with a wide range of competence and experience, customers can reduce CO2 by up to 80 percent compared to conventional transport by road.

For more information about transit times and departure please contact