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DB Schenker in Poland in SGH “Healthy Perspective” project

The starting point for the Healthy Perspective project is the exchange of knowledge on good practices that help entrepreneurs cope with the challenges entailed by the pandemic to themselves and to the society. On the basis of the work of six project teams operating in the areas of “Healthy company” and “Healthy society”, an expert report will be produced indicating the desirable directions of development and ways to act in the pandemic economic and social reality.

“For business, the time of the pandemic is very difficult, as companies operate in conditions of uncertainty rather than crisis. In order to survive on the market, they have to be creative, look for new opportunities – they cannot treat these changes that reality brings as a threat only, but also as an opportunity. The institutions participating in the “Healthy Perspective” project have learnt their lesson from the crisis very well. Now they will share their knowledge and experiences with other participants of economic life”, says Professor Piotr Wachowiak, Rector of the Warsaw School of Economics.

The project is attended by representatives of various communities, including business, NGOs, the academia and the media. Piotr Zborowski, CEO North & East Europe DB Schenker, was also invited to be part of this group. Piotr Zborowski joined the group “Innovation – have we invented everything?”, moderated by professor Wojciech Paprocki from the Warsaw School of Economics, who specialises in the development of digital economy and implementation of new technologies.

“The pandemic has forced the pace of innovation to accelerate. The entire cycle – from idea, prototyping, testing to commercialisation is getting shorter, more compressed. Many companies are rapidly making strategic changes, new business models are emerging. In my opinion, this is the good part of this difficult situation. The “Healthy Perspective” project is an opportunity to share insights, inspire each other and look for new ways together”, says Piotr Zborowski, CEO North & East Europe DB Schenker.