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DB Schenker warehouse in Łódź operationally excellent

The DB Schenker logistics warehouse in Łódź was distinguished for its operational excellence. Following the audit of the facility, it was awarded the bronze status according to the corporate XSITE standard.

In August 2020, the DB Schenker warehouse in Łódź was evaluated according to the global corporate standard of operational excellence XSITE. Due to the pandemic, the audit was conducted online by international experts, and it was crowned with success. The facility is yet another Polish location which was distinguished among 750 branches of the logistics operator worldwide.

"Our Łódź-based magazine has been distinguished in recognition of its style of work, continuous improvement, high safety standards and focus on customers' needs. The bronze status awarded to us confirms that we are on the right track in building Lean culture, in spite of the new challenges created by coronavirus", notes Dariusz Doroś, VP Contract Logistics Northeast Europe DB Schenker.

"The pandemic has posed many challenges to us. Most of the intended activities had to be transposed to the virtual world and we had to learn how to work together in digital reality. Neither sanitary regime nor the need to keep the distance make teamwork any easier, but we continue to see the commitment to process improvement on the part of our employees. " points out Joanna Durzyńska, Head of Operational Excellence Team at DB Schenker.

The DB Schenker warehouse in Łódź, with an area of over 7,000 sqm, employs on a daily basis nearly 70 people whose commitment and very good organisation have contributed to a positive audit result. The procedures implemented during the pandemic and preventive measures against coronavirus infection also deserve some plaudits. The auditors paid attention as well to the way the operations were managed. The team of the Łódź magazine presented many tools that support the process of making more effective operational decisions, which in effect translates to the smooth flow of operations.

"The XSITE Business Excellence Certificate for the warehouse in Łódź is not only about maintaining high standards right now, but also about working to improve certain process areas for the sake of customers,  in line with our culture of continuous improvement. We are happy to have been able to join the number of business units that work according to DB Schenker's standardised business model," says Piotr Wilmański, Head of Logistics Service at DB Schenker Warehouse in Łódź.


XSITE has been implemented since 2016 in all contract logistics in DB Schenker. By now, around 75 locations have been distinguished, including 9 sites operated by the company in Poland. The warehouse in Teresin near Warsaw was the first worldwide to achieve a silver status.

The rigorous assessment of the standard focuses on 5 areas, and failure to satisfy any of the conditions excludes a distinction. Customer relations, human resources and leadership, processes, finances and security are subject to verification. A location audited for XSITE can achieve a developing status, bronze, silver or gold.