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Higher levels of excellence in Contract Logistics in Poland

In challenging times and strong competition, companies have to work hard to build a competitive edge • They have to continuously improve their processes to support customers' business growth • This is something the employees at DB Schenker's warehouse in Wroclaw in South-Western Poland understand very well • Their commitment earned the facility silver status in accordance with the demanding XSITE standard! • Silver status has already been awarded to 8 of the nearly 750 DB Schenker warehouses worldwide

“The silver status granted to the logistic warehouse in Wroclaw emphasizes its high operational maturity level. The distinction results from employees’ commitment and their appropriate approach to Lean Management, based on constant process improvement”, says Dariusz Doroś, Vice President Contract Logistics Cluster North & East Europe DB Schenker.

The assessment process in the corporate XSITE model is comprehensive and covers 5 areas. The verification includes relations with customers and suppliers, finance, people and management, processes and safety. A facility may achieve a developingbronzesilver or gold level. However, it is worth stressing that the failure to meet even one requirement in the mandatory areas makes it impossible to fight for the top place.

“In 2018, the warehouse in Wroclaw received a bronze distinction. Although the coronavirus pandemic changed a lot in the global economy and affected our processes, we decided to keep trying and emphasize the development. Such an approach brought about another distinction”, says Paweł Janaszek, Site Manager Wroclaw Warehouse at DB Schenker in Poland. “What counts in our everyday operations is transparency, planning and control of processes as well as a pro-active approach. Implementing tasks for our customers, we are consistent. We implement solutions to facilitate task performance and many of them include our employees’ initiatives”, he adds.

Sustainable relationships with partners

DB Schenker’s warehouse in Wroclaw runs a Regional Distribution Centre for Hilti. The logistic operator has cooperated with the global construction sector supplier for more than a decade.

“Customer Engagement is one of our main goals. Therefore we need to have a stable logistic performance and efficient processes in place. Together with our logistic partners in our distribution network we are aiming for operational excellence”, says Nderim Pelaj, Head of Operational Excellence Distribution in Hilti. “With DB Schenker we have a reliable and high performing partner who is constantly improving their operations to increase their contribution to our logistic performance, which is now underlined by the silver accreditation. Congratulations on this impressive certification. We are proud to have you as a long term partner”, he adds.

Team commitment

The success in the XSITE certification stems from the commitment of employees and managers. Meetings to discuss business operations progress take place several times a day. Kaizen philosophy is of utmost importance as the basic pillar of the company improvement. The warehouse in Wroclaw is a leader among DB Schenker units in Poland in terms of ideas put forth by employees to facilitate processes. The employees suggest e.g. modifications related to the operations, safety or ergonomics which are analysed and then implemented.

The logistic warehouse in Wroclaw, with the area of close to 4 thousand square meters, employs 30 people. It handles orders (e.g. for e-commerce), products sensitive to temperature, hazardous materials (ADR) or long materials of 2 to 6 meter. The customers may also use value-added services (VAS).

XSITE is an international business maturity standard implemented in the whole contract logistics of DB Schenker since 2016. The requirements to be met are highly demanding. Sliver distinction has been granted so far to 8 out of all 750 company locations worldwide, with 6 of them in Europe, including 2 in Poland. Besides Wroclaw, the logistic warehouse in Teresin near Warsaw can boast of the silver status.