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Implementation of winter fuel cost adjustment in international transport

Dear Sirs,

We would like to kindly inform you that we have prepared a new mechanism for calculating fuel adjustment in international road transport for shipments to and from Norway, Sweden and Finland. The changes will be implemented on December 1, 2018 and will only concern the method of calculating the indicator level in the winter period - from December to February inclusive.

For December, January and February months to determine the value of the fuel correction ratio, the average wholesale price of winter diesel oil per 1 m3 is assumed: Arctic diesel oil 2 Orlen (82%) and diesel oil I Z-40 Lotos (18%).

ratio: Arctic diesel 2 Orlen (82%) and diesel oil I Z-40 Lotos (18%).

More information on how we calculate the fuel adjustment in international transport can be found on our Website:

Fuel adjustment rules and the algorithm for determining the percentage  of the fuel correction ratio for international land shipments