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We are together. We help. Dr Irena Eris and DB Schenker help the medical staff

Assistance to healthcare professionals in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. So far, nearly 200 hospitals all over Poland have received Dr Irena Eris products of value of approx. PLN 1.5 million, delivered pro bono by DB Schenker.

The team of medical representatives of Dr Irena Eris has been providing the hospital staff with cosmetic products since mid-March. “The aim is to support the people who fight the coronavirus on the front line every day. In these difficult times, we provide doctors, ward nurses, and nurses with hand creams which are necessary as they need to apply strong disinfectants all the time”, explains Joanna Łodygowska, Head of Communication Departament from Dr Irena Eris.

The logistics operator has decided to join the action launched by Dr Irena Eris and to cover the costs of transportation of approx. 55 thousand cosmetics worth nearly PLN 1.5 million. The products delivered to hospitals and medical services include hand creams, washing gels and moisturising creams. Paediatrics, neonatology and dermatology wards receive also emollients for the patients. These actions are carried out as part of the Dr Irena Eris’ campaign “We are together. We help”. 

DB Schenker collects products from the warehouse of Cosmetics Laboratories  Dr Irena Eris and delivers them to medical establishments all over the country, taking account of the appropriate safety measures. One may not predict the end of the action as everything depends on the actual development of the pandemic.

“When Dr Irena Eris, our client, invited us to join the campaign supporting hospitals and medical services we decided to participate, as in these difficult times mutual help and cooperation of business partners are of key importance. We like to help and have a long history of doing so. 24 projects being part of a new edition of our volunteer programme ‘Time to Help’ are being launched just now”, says Piotr Zborowski, CEO North&East Europe DB Schenker.