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We encourage you to switch to e-invoice.

The unprecedented situation caused by Covid-19  entails major risk to human life and health. We are doing our utmost to mitigate the risk. That is why we kindly request you to  make use of an electronic invoice service (e-faktura), and by doing so to resign from paper invoices.

An e-invoice is an equivalent of a paper invoice and is equally legally binding.
The only difference consists in the way it is delivered.

While launching an e-invoice, next to minimising the risk to the persons who actually handle the documents, we offer to you also a series of other benefits:

  • continuous access to documents from any place,
  • easy and safe storage,
  • lower risk of the document getting lost, damaged or falling into unauthorised hands,
  • quick information about the issuance of a new invoice, together with its image, by e-mail notification,
  • major positive impact on natural environment.

How to activate an e-invoice?

All you need to do is to send statement of approval for submission of e-invoices available on to the following address: