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DB Schenker’s terminals with BREEAM In-Use eco-certificates


DB Schenker`s facilities near Olsztyn and Zielona Góra obtained the BREEAM In-Use certificates with the assessment of Very Good. This extends the operator`s network of certified terminals which are friendly to the users and the environment.

DB Schenker promotes ecology, including green and ergonomic construction. Terminals in Stawiguda near Olsztyn and in Stary Kisielin on the outskirts of Zielona Góra employ solutions which meet the highest standards in terms of energy saving, reduction of CO2 emission as well as effective water and heat management. Green construction does require more expensive and more advanced investment, but in return provides considerable benefits for the natural environment in the long run. For example, LED and solar lamps used in buildings reduce CO2 emission. Yearly, the atmosphere is permeated by over 31 tonnes of CO2 less, which accounts for the amount produced by a car at the distance of about 200 thousand kilometres. 

“Investment based on ecological, modern and energy-saving solutions results from the increasing awareness of companies and the society. We all know that such projects affect our lives’ quality in the long run. Therefore, responsible companies who care for the environment and for their stakeholders, and who pursue sustainable development, choose certified green construction,” says Agata Leliwa-Pilecka, Head of the Investment, Central Purchasing and Corporate Affairs Department in DB Schenker.

In addition to the above-mentioned LED and solar lamps, the terminals are equipped with utility water heating solar collectors and rainwater tanks, among others. Heating and ventilation devices for heat recovery are installed in the halls. The condensing furnaces in 

use are the cutting edge devices of this type in the market. The company also takes care of the employees` comfort by providing ergonomic office furniture and solutions such as bike stands, technical resources for cyclists, modern kitchens, toilets, showers and lockers. The above conveniences as well as a specially designed room for employees can also be used by the drivers.

Zielona Góra and Olsztyn join the group of DB Schenker’s certified terminals following Białystok

The BREEAM certificate (British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), used in the real property industry, is an international system for assessing the quality of a building and its impact on the environment. The BREEAM system defines the standard for the best practices in terms of sustainable designing, construction and occupancy of buildings. Audits in DB Schenker were carried out by a consulting company Colliers International.

“The Terminal in Białystok was the first one which underwent verification in the BREEAM In-Use certification process with the result of Very Good. The terminals in Zielona Góra and Olsztyn are the first facilities in these cities to be certified. The projects are characterised by versatility and the balance of comfort and environmental impact. They were highly rated in categories of Health and Comfort, Water Management, Waste Management and Construction Materials,” says Andrzej Gutowski, Project Advisor in Colliers International.

Green terminals are friendly to the users, environment and local community

Moving the facilities outside the city is included in the business strategy of sustainable development in terms of economic, social and environmental goals. Terminals located outside the city, along expressways and motorways, make the customers’ consignments safer and help to conduct efficient and safe logistics operations. Such location also decreases air pollution, traffic and noise in the cities. This is one of the ways in which DB Schenker supports the UN’s 11th goal of sustainable development: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.