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Security, development, dialogue. DB Schenker Poland Responsibility Report

DB Schenker takes care of what is important to employees, customers, business partners and local communities. The operator’s focus is on security, development and dialogue.

DB Schenker Poland has issued for the fourth time
a report describing actions taken together with and for different stakeholder groups: employees, customers, suppliers and local communities. The publication presents economic, social and environmental data on a two-year basis. DB Schenker included the voice of key stakeholders in the report. Employees of various departments of the company were involved in the preparation of the report. Interviews with customers and suppliers were also conducted. In this way, the most important aspects of sustainable development for the company and its environment were identified, and then included in the report.

“This year’s Responsibility Report brings together three key areas for us and our stakeholders: safety, development and dialogue – values that we treat with care when setting strategic directions for the entire company,” says Monika Pachniak-Radzińska, Communications Director CEO DB Schenker North & East Europe. “Non-financial reporting is an important element of our dialogue with the environment that contributes to the building of social capital,” adds Monika Pachniak-Radzińska.

The publication was subject to external independent verification by Deloitte Advisory Sp. z o.o. which confirmed that the data presented were reliable.


When working on the material, DB Schenker has used the latest version of the international non-financial reporting guidelines, the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (issued in October 2016). This is one of the first reports in Poland prepared in line with this standard. Due to the respect for the environment, the report was published only on-line.

It is worth mentioning that DB Schenker used the latest technology in the promotion and communication of this year’s Responsibility Report. For this purpose, a special application for mobile devices was created, with an interactive presentation of the report.