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AirBridgeCargo and DB Schenker collaboration

A collaboration between AirBridgeCargo Airlines and DB Schenker has been recognised by Cargo iQ for improving the data quality of shipment reports from Russia to Schengen Agreement countries.

The two Cargo iQ members looked at how data quality improvements could be made on monitored shipments from Russia to Schengen countries, breaking down analysis from report level to shipment level, and identifying where more work is required in the future. The investigation revealed why Air Waybills may not appear in reports.

The project was part of Cargo iQ’s Q-Rally, which challenges members to improve digital connections and present the results to other members.

“The fix of the root causes improved the electronic data interchange (EDI) connection to AirBridgeCargo, which is beneficial for our business,” said Alexandros Cabadakis, system integration specialist, global IT management air and ocean, at DB Schenker.

“The improvements [made] between the teams affect all other partners connected and help any member of the community facing similar issues.”

Members then vote on the various projects to select a winner.

“As a result of the Q-Rally we determined that some issues are not obvious due to other issues. As soon as one root cause is solved and the messages are processed, errors may occur in a later stage due to other issues inside of the message or the shipments.”

DB Schenker also took part in another Q-Rally this year, supporting Turkish Airlines to establish e-AWB messaging.

“The Q Rally is one of the best optional initiatives Cargo iQ has come up with so far,” said Mariya Veski, Leading Industry Standards Assurance Specialist, Certification Department, Quality Department, AirBridgeCargo Airlines.

“This time we had a breakthrough, which helped us increase the number of AWBs available to both parties involved. Basically, our project helps increase transparency – one of the main values of Cargo iQ.”

AirBridgeCargo Airlines and DB Schenker are collaborating again and working on another project, to increase the penetration of AWBs in Cargo iQ reports.

“The Q-Rally allows us to get tangible progress in a way that benefits our members and leads to some real results which are shared,” said Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director, Cargo iQ.

“It is a good way of actually celebrating successes and improving Cargo iQ limitations.”

The Q-Rally was introduced at the Chicago working group in April 2018 and the first stage took place at the Budapest working group in November 2019. The popular initiative will continue in 2020.