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DB Schenker launches Automotive 2018 campaign

DB Schenker Portugal launches, in this second semetre, the Automotive 2018 campaign - Speed up your business with Schenker Automotive. Aimed at the automotive parts’ production market, this campaign aims to increase the company’s market share in Portugal, including an integrated Import / Export solution, based on the vast experience of the teams which, national and internationally, articulate daily with this sector. 

DB Schenker intends to leverage its customers' businesses through its multi-product solutions’ portfolio (Land / Air / Ocean / Rail / Contract Logistics) for this market segment.

With more than 68,000 Logistics experts and 2,000 locations worldwide, as well as a vast and proven industry experience, this goal is very possible and will contribute to the success of DB Schenker customers.

Annually, DB Schenker dedicates to the Automotive business area:

·       1,200,000 m²+ warehousing space is utilized for automotive business;

·       100,000 truck movements per year;

·       53,000 TEU automotive goods are shipped by Ocean per year;

·       112 thousand tons of automotive goods via air freight per year;

·       250 trains running day by day throughout;

·       2,500,000 finished vehicles transports via rail by DB Schenker yearly;

·       6,000,000 vehicles produced per year where DB Schenker is involved with CL solutions.

DB Schenker's extensive experience level of excellence developed in this sector of activity, are proven by the outspoken satisfaction of its customers, some of the biggest in the world in the Automotive area.​​​​​​​ DB Schenker launches Automotive 2018 campaign