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Logistics Engineering for the World’s Most Valuable Brands

In Leipzig, DB Schenker operates the largest European logistics center for the international supply of a famous German automobile manufacturer. The logistics center employs 1,100 employees on an area of 125,000 m². 150 trucks a day steer their way to the zone for incoming goods. More than 7,000 auto parts are stored, ranging from screws to pieces of a chassis all the way to entire engines. Every day, DB Schenker packs 4,500 m³ of goods in an average of 70 containers in the outgoing goods zone.

It's key for us to constantly optimize and improve our packaging solutions as we travel the path of excellence. By continuously optimizing processes and capacities, we can retain the flexibility that lets us respond to our customer's requirements at any time.


Anna Förster, Head of Packaging Solutions at DB Schenker.

In order for the sensitive and frequently sharp-edged automotive components to arrive at the automaker's international plants safe and sound, the pieces need to be protected from rust, scratches and dents. Therefore each developed package needs to be thoroughly tested. 


A team of experienced packaging experts is responsible for doing just that. The team goes through a long process (weighing, measuring and documenting) to develop a specific package for each part. Containers do not just have to be secure, but they also have to generate the smallest possible amount of refuse when they arrive.

Alfred Endörfer, Site Manager Leipzig at DB Schenker says: "The Leipzig LZA is the European hub providing supplies for the production of our customers in China and South Africa. From here, we ensure that the auto parts arrive on time and are safely packaged as they make their way by rail, air or ocean freight to the international plants." 

The packaging has been designed ...


... to provide the best possible protection for automotive parts.

As atividades da DB Schenker em Leipzig são uma ilustração particularmente forte do fato de que a logística vai muito além do simples transporte de mercadorias do ponto A para o ponto B.

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