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Leading The Way Challenge - Terms and Conditions

1. Challenge

In 2022, DB Schenker is celebrating its 150 years anniversary. Part of the celebration activities is the “Leading The Way” challenge. The challenge is to collect 150 million kilometers through various activities with the Teamfit App. DB Schenker will then donate one Eurocent for every counted kilometer to selected charity organizations. The donation sum is capped at 1.5 million Euro. As a free give-away, participating DB Schenker employees will receive the DB Schenker limited edition adidas sneakers. Additionally, there will be monthly raffles with various prizes among DB Schenker employee participants.

The challenge will be active from 1.1.2022 until 31.12.2022.

All DB Schenker employees, partners, suppliers, customers and anyone else invited by DB Schenker can participate. All participants can collect kilometers via the Teamfit App. Participation is free of charge.

However, only DB Schenker employees are eligible to receive free challenge incentives (DB Schenker sneakers) and prizes of the monthly raffles (see section 2 and 3 for details). Give-aways for all participants including external registered persons might be distributed throughout the challenge. Conditions will be communicated accordingly.

Participants can contribute to this challenge in two ways: tracking their movement or completing quizzes within the Teamfit App, or WeCom in Greater China.

Upon registration, participants are automatically allocated in teams of 15 members. It is possible within the App to exit this default team. The participant can then contribute as a team of one or create a new team and invite others to join (no limit on number of members).

By enrolling in the challenge, participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions as well as any decisions of challenge organizing personnel. The challenge organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant or winner and may refuse to award any prize to a person who is ineligible or has violated any rule, gained unfair advantage in participating in the contest, or obtained winner status using fraudulent means. The challenge organizers will interpret these rules and resolve any disputes, conflicting claims or ambiguities concerning the rules or the contest and contest organizer decisions concerning such disputes shall be final. Further information in regards to all anniversary activities, like this challenge, can be found within the FAQs.

In order to contribute kilometers to this challenge, one needs to download the free Teamfit App on a suitable smartphone. It is available via the Google Play Store or the Apple App store via dedicated QR-Code or direct link. Special solutions apply in Greater China, please contact the Chinese Marketing Team for details.

Kilometers cannot be contributed via other apps or devices. However, other trackers can be synchronized. Supported trackers are Google fit, Apple Health, Fitbit and Garmin. See the Teamfit App Guide for details. In order to allow employees without suitable smartphones to contribute, other means to complete the quizzes might be made available. These will be communicated when available.

For motivational purposes, there will be targets set and achievements communicated. These achievements will be allocated per country, region, and team and will be measured by their achievement rate. The achievement rate is calculated based on the number of participating employees within the respective country: target = number of participating employees x 5km/day achievement rate = what percentage of this target has been reached.

The achievement rate is continuously visible within the Teamfit App.

All incentives, give-aways and raffle prizes are given away free of any charge. If any costs apply, for example due to tax regulations, these will be taken care of by the appropriate DB Schenker country branch.

2. Anniversary incentive: Sneakers

The limited edition DB Schenker adidas sneakers are specifically designed and produced for the purpose of the anniversary celebration. One pair is given to each registered DB Schenker employee for free. The incentive is limited to one pair per person. This incentive is non-negotiable, non-transferable and non-refundable. No alternative is available for the product value.

To receive the sneakers, one must be a DB Schenker employee and submit their shoe size and location details upon registration. If the employee has registered for the challenge within the Teamfit App no additional registration is necessary. If the employee does not want to contribute to the challenge, one can register for the anniversary incentive only via the Frontline Worker Landingpage. The sneakers will be distributed automatically to all registered via these two options. The sneakers cannot be ordered any other way.

Distribution of the incentive is subject to the pandemic situation and can be expected approximately in the third quarter of 2022. A specific time will be communicated to all registered employees beforehand.

The sneakers will be distributed to the branch specified by the employee upon registration. Employees can pick up their sneakers at the branch. Other forms of local distribution might be organized by local personnel. Please contact your local representatives for further details.

Returns or exchanges of the sneakers are not possible. If you would like a different size, please check for swapping options within your country. Complaints due to quality reasons can be addressed to local HR colleagues.

3. Raffles

During the entire duration of this challenge, there will be opportunities to win attractive DB Schenker prizes. Next to general raffles, there will be a designated country raffle each month. The country with the highest achievement rate (for details see section 1.5) is the winner for this month’s raffle. The Marketing team of the country will receive 150 prizes to raffle off among participants.

To participate within the raffle, one must be a DB Schenker employee registered within the Teamfit App. No contribution of kilometers is necessary. The raffle cannot be entered any other way. External participants cannot take part in the raffle.

The country with the highest achievement rate at the end of the month will be the winner. The achievement rate of all countries is visible within the Teamfit App at all times.

The raffle will be performed locally by the organizing team within the country. All eligible participants registered for this country are automatically enrolled for the raffle.
There is no other possibility to take part in the raffle. 150 winners will be drawn from the pool of these participants in the beginning of the following month.

If the achievement rate for two countries is identical (up to two decimal points), the winner will be the country with the highest average km contribution per participant.

The prizes are special DB Schenker anniversary items. There are 150 identical prizes each month. The prize will be communicated beforehand. This prize is non-negotiable, non-transferable and non-refundable. No alternative is available for the product value.

Other raffles might be communicated throughout the year.

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