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DB Schenker Warehouse Truck parking

How does DB Schenker serve the community?

Critical service provider of clean water in Saudi Arabia

Along with consumer brands, supply chain experts have also taken center stage during the current pandemic to meet buyers' wants and needs. Often underestimated, a logistics service provider plays a critical role behind the scenes to ensure that goods reach the end customer. For example, DB Schenker took charge of ensuring the supply of clean water in Saudi Arabia. How? Read along.

Serving the community
During the need of the hour, DB Schenker in Saudi Arabia extended its helping hand to store highly corrosive chemicals for a global operations and maintenance (O&M) service provider, responsible to produce electricity and multimillion cubic meters of desalinated water daily. The chemicals in the case were used in the desalination plant in Saudi Arabia for purifying water for household consumption. Such chemicals required expert handling due to its hazardous nature.

Customer's challenge
Pre-pandemic, the chemicals were directly transported to desalination units due to safety reasons. However, COVID-19 forced the client to produce and store buffer stock to avoid interrupting the supply of clean water. Due to its highly corrosive nature, the buffer stock needed to be stored securely on an urgent basis. Being one of the largest conglomerates, the customer required a highly efficient logistics partner to meet their safety requirements.

DB Schenker's solution - innovative and cost-efficient
In Saudi Arabia, DB Schenker's experts met customer demands and supported them in continuing water desalination activities. In a nutshell, the solution included high-tech warehousing facilities and comprehensive logistics services. It required handling liquid material on the ground floor without any spillage and preparing all personal protective equipment (PPE) for leakage control, thoroughly ensuring the cargo and employees' safety.

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