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DB Schenker Warehouse Truck parking

Oil & Gas Logistics

Delivering the challenging and critical, even in the middle of the desert

Key aspects of oil & gas logistics

For an oil & gas producer, its manufacturing equipment is as critical as its multi-million dollar products. In some cases, such machinery is colossal in weight and size, which complicates its logistics and brings about a larger needed for accurate handling and safety during transportation. Throw in tight timelines, multiple cargo origins, transportation restrictions due to, for example, the COVID-19 – and you have got yourself a mix that can only be managed by a highly experienced logistics provider.

Here is where DB Schenker provides you with all the necessary solutions under one roof. At DB Schenker in Saudi Arabia, our industry experts understand that correct handling of parts and equipment, and its timely delivery is critical for your oil & gas projects.

Such know-how reflects in our successful operations.

For example, the team imported large motor-operated valves weighing over 100 tons for an oil & gas client based in Spain. In Saudi Arabia, the team worked with the control tower set up at the client's base to import shipments from Europe and Asia. Upon arrival, the team's expertise in clearance and road transportation equipment helped secure the cargo and deliver it to the project site on time, located in the middle of the desert!

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