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SMEDS kick starts your career

SMEDS is our student program who have one year left of their university studies. SMEDS stands for summer jobs, mentoring and master thesis at DB Schenker.

We offer you a summer job as a student before you start your last year of study. During the following fall, you will have regular contact with a mentor. Write your master thesis within the framework of one of our activities at DB Schenker. Since its inception in 2016, SMEDS has been a highly appreciated program both for students and employees.

During 2019/20 we can offer positions at DB Schenker IT, DB Schenker Consulting, DB Schenker Logistics, DB Schenker Land and DB Schenker Dedicated Services.

To apply, click here.

"SMEDS gives us, as a company, the opportunity to build relationships with tomorrow's employees during their studies" - Michael Ängbacken, Head of HR Management, Schenker Sweden.

SMEDS student Tobias

The summer job was a great test for him. Now, Schenker Logistics is the next stop for Tobias Karlsson, Chalmers student and participant of the SMEDS program.

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