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"I get to take responsibility and experience the real world"

The summer job was a great test for him. Now, Schenker Logistics is the next stop for Tobias Karlsson, Chalmers student and participant of the SMEDS program.

The SMEDS program is the DB Schenkers program for lasr year students at the university. The abbreviation stands for summer jobs, mentoring and thesis work.

- My summer job at DB Schenker Logistics was very rewarding. It was a perfect step from theory into reality where I got to test what I’ve learned, says Tobias Karlsson, who participated in the SMEDS program 2018/19.

The task was to map processes at DB Schenker's logistics warehouse for their different types of customers.

- A single order is dependent on many small steps, it is a much more complex process than you think. Seeing it up close was very interesting, says Tobias Karlsson.

During the spring, Tobias, together with a classmate, will write a thesis linked to DB Schenker Logistics's operations. In addition, there is a mentor at hand. In the future he’s aiming to work on the development of logistics flows, creating processes and strategies for transport and warehousing.

- Now that I have been tested on working life, I have become even more confident that this is what I want to do.

Who would you recommend applying for the SMEDS program?

- Someone who wants to take responsibility and see how things work in the real world. It has been a really good experience to stand on my own, with good support from colleagues of course. The courses I took during the fall is even more relevant now I feel, after this summer, which is extra fun.


Name: Tobias Karlsson
Age: 23
City: Gothenburg
Education: Industrial Economics/Supply Chain Management, Chalmers
Hobbies: Watch Ice hockey and to cook