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Trainee Program

Since 2013, DB Schenker has been welcoming trainees from "Korta vägen", a preparatory job market education for foreign-born graduates, which aims to shorten the step into the Swedish job market.

It is not uncommon that it takes between seven and nine years for a person with a foreign background to gain any work experience in Sweden. The purpose of the "Korta vägen" is to create opportunities for foreign-born academics to be able to work in the profession for which they are trained. This is done through customized courses in vocational specific Swedish, computer knowledge, social orientation, and Swedish working life. A central part of the training is that the practice, and this is where DB Schenker comes in. The internship period can vary from a few weeks to a few months.

In addition to the positive aspects for the trainees of gaining relevant work experience, the departments recieving trainees also gets a lot of positive experience.

Here, Dalibor Mijatovic from the Cash Management unit at the head office, tells us about his experiences from working with trainees from the "Korta vägen";

"For a couple of years now, Cash Management at Stab Ekonomi has conducted a very successful diversity work, which to a great extent is based on a close collaboration with Korta Vägen - a program under the auspices of Folkuniversitetet, which is aimed at foreign-born students with an academic background. At Cash Management we considered an internship for the program participants to be rewarding and educational for both parties, so we decided to jump onboard. The collaboration between Cash Management and “Korta vägen” was initiated in 2014 and we are proud to state that most of our participants so far have exceeded our expectations and have been offered employment in various forms. Diversity and gender equality is business critical and the exchange with Korta Vägen has increased our competitiveness through more diversified competences and contributed to a more creative departmental culture. By engaging in a long-term cooperation with “Korta Vägen” we hope to show our employees and everyone else that we are serious about the diversity issue and thus increase our attractiveness as an employer. "