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For the love of snowboarding

Jacob Wilhelmsson lives, breathes and works snowboard. He always has. Does he ever get tired of it?
– No, not of snowboarding. I always want to learn more about the product I’m working with, he says.

Jacob Wilhelmsson's grandmother and grandfather started one of Sweden's first ski schools in the Hamrafället ski area. And both his parents worked there when he was growing up. At age 11, Jacob left the skis for snowboarding.

It didn’t take long for him to get hooked on snowboarding and he was a professional snowboarder til the age of 30. Now, along with two other snowboarding nerds, he runs the company Inlandet. Inlandet is a store and webshop that also distributes snowboards to other stores.
– The three of us have spent all our time snowboarding since we were around ten years old. So we have almost 100 years of experience combined, he says.

A large part of the work lies in spreading knowledge about snowboarding.
– We write on, guides and such. But the biggest work lies in our customer support, helping in the choice of board for example. I really like talking about snowboarding and selling the right stuff to the right customers.

Quick logistics tips from Inlandet:

  1. Invest in a good business system.
  2. Invest in a good link between your business system and your logistics partner’s system.
  3. Have a synced warehouse. It's easy to forget to remove a product for example.