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Have you heard about Swedsafe’s sustainable ear plugs?

Nerds come in many shapes. Some like video games, others collect porcelain. Then we have those who dedicate their lives to sustainability. Meet Göran Berg, CEO of earplug manufacturer SwedSafe in Höör.

The story about Swedsafe takes it start when Göran's employer Bilsom merges with its biggest competitor, a French company. The French CEO was not particularly impressed by neither the Swedes nor the profitability.
– We were profitable but apparently not profitable enough. The French CEO thought we were lazy and declared this in broad French-English: ”In Sweden you work too little, you are very lazy people so I close the operation”.

Göran gives the Frenchman two choices - to say goodbye as friends or as enemies  and competitors. The choice fell on the latter. This is the beginning of Swedsafe.

SwedSafe's entire business is permeated with a strong sustainability approach. All energy from the ventilation system is recycled, as is all water.
– We can be competitive partly because we don’t use solvents or chemicals and therefore don’t need different permits and don’t need to protect the staff. We save both work environment, green environment and money in this way.

Although Swedsafe has come a long way in its sustainability efforts, they are in no way satisfied. An important part of this work is being able to use fossil-free transport, something Göran mentions several times.
–We really want to be able to buy fossil-free transports, it is at the top of the wish list. We know that DB Schenker is working on this and I hope that it will soon become reality.