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Markus loves his odd macaws

And the customers love Markus - the friendly nerd in the red shorts. Through the store Mackapär he sells and sends everything from Japanese video games to delicate lamps.

Our growing interest in retro and second-hand gadgets makes the store a popular hangout for both neighbors and long-distance customers.
– I have many customers who check in regularly to check out new arrivals. Others come by and gibber for a while on the way home to theirs. I like my customers, they are nerdy just like me.

He currently manages online sales mainly through Tradera, Instagram and Facebook. After testing a variety of logistics companies, Markus eventually choose DB Schenkers Skicka enkelt when he sends larger, slightly more fragile packages.
– I send larger packages with Schenker because the prices are good, it is easy to book and pay. These can be consoles, retro computers and small furnitures.

Packing a delicate retro computer:

  1. If needed, I unscrew the computer and stuff it with bubble wrap and when the inside is stable I wrap the computer with bubble wrap.
  2. Then I use thicker paper around the computer.
  3. Then I go for the layer-by-layer method with different packaging.
  4. Finally, I use so much tape it could stand a war, at least that's what my customers say.
  5. Nothing should move, everything should be fixed in the box and you shouldn’t hear anything from the package when you shake it.