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Some things were better back in the days

For example the quality of furniture and furnishings. At least according to Linda Winroth, owner of the webshop Gammalt o nytt (Old and new).
– I have a lot of inheritade stuff and old furnitures at home, almost nothing new. Well, the bed is new I suppose, she laughs.

Reuse and sustainability is always present in Linda's life. Her everyday job is to develop various work-integrating social businesses, but every hour of her spare time she spends working on her webshop Gammalt o nytt, a shop full of furnishings for a cosy retro home.

Growing up with her grandmother and grandfather, she learned to take care of her things, and that idea is still very much alive with her today.

Through the shop at Tradera she started using DB Schenker, and here she gives us her best packing tips when she sends porcelain:

  1. First I wrap the plate with bubble wrap.
  2. Then I cover the plate and bubble wrap with corrugated paper.
  3. I place the package in a box, slightly larger than the package. I fill the box with shock absorbing material around the package, eg. newsprint or frigolite.
  4. Now I seal the box with tape and shake the package to make sure nothing is moving. We should be good to go!

Thinking of starting your own business? Some quick tips from Linda:

  • Just go for it! What do you have to loose?
  • Try to keep the fixed costs down to a minimum.
  • Set aside time for rest and recuperation.